Wokingham town mayor resigns after social media postings come to light

Cllr Peter Lucey
Wokingham Town Mayor Cllr Peter Lucey Picture: Tony Johnson

THE mayor of Wokingham town has resigned following an investigation into his social media presence.

Cllr Peter Lucey decided to step down with immediate effect after an investigation was launched in to his posting of links to far right and Islamophobic websites.

His conduct came to light following a complaint made by a member of the public to Cllr Andy Croy. He in turn contacted Wokingham Conservatives to call on them to launch the probe.

And in a letter in this week’s Wokingham Paper, Cllr Croy called on Cllr Lucey to resign.

The Wokingham Paper has seen the complaint that Cllr Croy made to Wokingham Conservatives.

Some of the sites that the Wokingham town councillor links to include The Gatestone Institute, a right-wing anti-Muslim think tank, and We Are At Home, a page that says it is for people who “are sick of increasing political correctness” and links to webpages about white supremacy.

Cllr Lucey’s Facebook page, which was viewable by anyone yesterday, also included likes to a fan page to controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders and the former UKIP leadership candidate Raheem Kassam who has just self-published a book called Enoch Was Right: ‘Rivers of Blood’ 50 Years On.

There are also posts from Cllr Lucey showing him with controversial Canadian author Mark Steyn, who hold anti-Islamic views, at a book signing.

In a statement, Wokingham Town Council said: “Councillor Peter Lucey has today resigned from Wokingham Town council for personal reasons.”

It is not yet known when a by-election for his Norreys East town council seat will be held.

For the full story, and exclusive insight, make sure you get your copy of The Wokingham Paper, on sale tomorrow across Wokingham borough.

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Emanuele Ciriachi

I don’t get it – why being right-wing should lead to resigning? Is it now a crime to keep in high esteem Geert Wilders, or following Breitbart?


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