Wokingham Speakers Club has a lot to talk about with awards night

Wokingham Speakers Club President Marce Colucci and Amanda Bouch who won the main prize in the Pre-Prepared Speech and Evaluation Contests.

International Speech and Evaluation Contest Night is always a special night in the Toastmasters calendar, beginning a path to the World Finals, this year in Vancouver, Canada. For members, this feels not unlike the first round proper of the FA Cup, writes Graeme Hobbs.

The 2017 version, hosted by Wokingham Club President Marce Colucci and hotly contested, saw Amanda Bouch lift the main prize in both the Pre-Prepared Speech and the Evaluation Contests.

Amanda goes on to represent the town at the Area finals next while Wokingham Speakers meet again at the Bradbury Centre in Rose Street again on Tuesday, March 21 from 7.15pm to 9.30pm.

As Vice President I chaired the two contests in front of a packed room and offered visitors a chance to enter an entertaining 60-second historical-based impromptu session.  

The club offers local people a chance to build their confidence in public speaking whether for work or a special occasion, but also develops listening skills crucial for evaluations and time management skills. This is all performed in a safe and highly supportive environment.

If you would like to experience the buzz from taking on new challenges and improving your horizons, please contact info@wokinghamspeakers.org.uk     

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