VOICE OF WOKINGHAM: Tackling borough’s hidden poverty


IT IS always pleasing to be able to cover good news rather than bad, so it’s a pleasure to present this week’s front page story to you.  

While the grant to First Days looks like a soft centre, this is actually a hard one.

Wokingham often comes top in places to live surveys and there is an assumption that everyone who lives here is loaded.

But that’s far from the truth and poverty is a real issue here in our borough.

The food banks, churches and social services know the true extent of this, and few, if any, of those living in the poverty trap are benefit scroungers. They are families in real need.

The work that First Days will be able to do thanks to the grant from Wokingham United Charities is invaluable. But it only touches the tip of the iceberg.

Poverty is a stain on us all and we need to pay closer attention to the research and work that Wokingham United Charities is doing to try and lift people out of this mire.

We congratulate the charity for its foresight, diligence and care for the borough and we look forward to reporting on the positive benefits of its grants and its projects.

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Phil Creighton

Publisher of The Wokingham Paper

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