Voice of Wokingham: Get behind new Carnival proposals


THIS WEEK, Wokingham Borough Council formally announced its plans for the new Carnival Pool leisure complex. It is a secret no more.

While we’ve known about the concept for a number of years and, since February, learnt that the plan includes moving Wokingham’s town centre library to this new site, the details were yet to be confirmed.

But here it is. A brand-new, fit-for-purpose leisure complex at the start of the new town centre.

Yes, it means more upheaval and months of disruption as the old makes way for the new, but the end result will be worth it.

There are of course some caveats.

The decision to remove the toddler safe splash pool is a massive mistake.

There are concerns over moving the library away from its existing location. And will the books be kept safe next to the humid conditions of the swimming pool?

Will there be enough for families to do, especially on a wet and rainy day?

And will people start using the new multi-storey car park on their way into the town centre?

The regeneration project is ambitious, it is now being delivered and it is creating a way forward for Wokingham that is distinctly different from its neighbours.

Yes, we should get behind the plans, but also check they’ll meet our needs.

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Phil Creighton

Publisher of The Wokingham Paper

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