UKIP welcomes defence chief for briefing

UKIP's defence spokesperson EP Nill Etheridge and Chair of Wokingham UKIP Phil Ray

MEMBERS of Wokingham’s UKIP party welcomed a special guest visitor to their meeting last week.

The party’s Defence Spokesman and MEP, Bill Etheridge, came to the Holiday Inn at Winnersh Triangle to share his views on defence – and also hear what members had to say on the issue.

Organisers said that many of those taking part were ex-servicemen and women from all three military forces.

Wokingham UKIP Chairman Phil Ray introduced Mr Etheridge.

He said that the evening saw productive and informative discussions took place around the state of the UK’s military; Trident missile defence; battlefield resources; new Naval ships and aircraft; and military veterans.

Mr Ray added: “Bill assured those present that all their input was valuable and encouraged them to continue to communicate their views and knowledge to ensure that UKIP Defence policy is appropriate, representative and pertinent.

“A valuable evening and hopefully the first of many on different subjects.”


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