Evendons enjoys a journey to the stars



On November 8, Evendons year 5 students walked into their school hall to find a planetarium in front of them!

James, who ran the planetarium, welcomed them into the dome.

Before year 5 entered the dome, they took their shoes off, so as not to rip the delicate fabric inside the dome.

They had to enter the dome in single file so the air did not race out.

Year 5 could not lean on the dome because if they did, all the magic would disappear and the dome would collapse.

The children listened and so the magic began and the amazement and learning commenced.

After the show, the children were speechless and one of them told us: “The scenery was breathtaking and everything seemed to be reality”. – Jenna Qureshi ( year 5 student ).

“The detail was elegant and gorgeous and this is the best planetarium I have ever been to – in my school too!” – Matthew Farmer ( year 5 student ).

Goncalo Monteiro says that he has been to a planetarium in Portugal, but unfortunately, he preferred it to the planetarium in school.

In an interview with Catherine Reeves, the year 5 teacher, she told us “My favourite part was when we saw the constellations in the dome.”

Almost all the children were inspired to see space with their own eyes or become a space engineer or an astronaut.

Jonathan Tattersdill said that he would love James, the presenter, to come back again and that he wanted to become a space engineer and work for NASA.

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